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Piscasaw Gardens

Plant Nerd Tour Tickets

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Nerd out as you learn about cut flowers and vegetables on a golden-hour tour around the fields at Piscasaw Gardens. Jennifer Kinney, the expert behind the cultivation and management of our fields, will be geeking out and sharing her farm favorite facts.

Be prepared to dive deep into the logistics of running a full-fledged cut flower and vegetable farm and the challenges involved with producing quality products for local markets. While walking the fields, Jenny will dive deeper into irrigation, hoop houses, harvesting techniques, and much more. Learn to impress your friends by discovering and identifying several annual and perennial flower varieties. And gather a more profound understanding of the classification, growth cycles, and uses of several in-season vegetable crops.

Jennifer will share many stories about her experience and the roles she has played in the agriculture industry but also encourages our guests to come prepared with questions.

Park on our front lawn, and the tour will gather in our farm store inside the barn at 9306 Lawrence Road, Harvard, IL, 60033. Jennifer will have a tour list and check you in as you arrive. The tour will meet and leave from the barn and head out to the fields. Tour tickets can be purchased in advance on our website but are not required. We can accept cash or card onsite. This walk will go outdoors, rain or shine, so dress accordingly.

You can additionally (if desired, not required) leave a question you would like to see answered while on the tour in the additional information field above the "add to cart" button.