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Piscasaw Gardens

Bulk Buckets

Bulk Buckets

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PLEASE put your desired pickup date in the "additional information" spot above the add to cart button. Please select your desired pickup location from the above options, we do not deliver or ship bulk buckets.

Bulk Buckets include in-season florals and greenery harvested from the fields at Piscasaw Gardens. Stem count will vary from bucket to bucket, we will use our own discretion to make sure that every bucket is worth the full price! To ensure this we will include a minimum of 50 stems per bucket, but in some cases, you may end up with more stems. We will select the best blooms available coming from our fields that week within the color shade you select to fill your order. The blooms will change from week to week. 

"Bulk Buckets" with a different color scheme can be customized to be a unique combination of hues for your event, please email to place a custom bulk bucket order

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