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Piscasaw Gardens

Vegetable Subscription

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The vegetable subscription will run for a total of 15 weeks (8 weeks for bi-weekly) starting in late June and running through the last week of September. This is the simplest way to ensure you, and your family have fresh locally grown vegetables all season long. Never worry about heading to the market late and missing out, pick your vegetable lineup for the week. Your crate is customized just for you, and we won't give you anything on your "not in my crate" list, ever! Whether you keep all the vegetables for yourself or cook them up for family, we guarantee you'll be glad you added fresh and local vegetables to your meals this summer!

  • We offer both weekly (15 weeks) and biweekly (8 weeks) subscription sizes.
  • You can order a single crate, or you can make it a double crate.
  • You aren't going to be in town for a week? No problem, we allow our subscription-holders to "skip" up to two weeks. You can then pick up your skipped week vegetables on another pickup date.
  • The table further down on this page highlights the pickup locations, dates and pickup hours. Please select an option that best suits your schedule. This cannot be changed throughout the season. 
  • To get further insight into the savings and price breakdowns click on the Ethical CSA subscription link below and the full break-down link. We want to be as transparent as possible and give our subscription-holders insight into what their products on average will add up to all season long. We promise it's a better deal than just heading to market and purchasing what we have to offer in our booth!
  • Beverly FM & Dole Mansion FM weekly season is 13 weeks, and biweekly has 7 weeks. Their kick-off date is July 9th which is two weeks later than the other locations. The pricing is prorated to reflect the missing weeks.
  • Since we have to finalize our planting schedule for the season, the last day to order a 2023 Subscription is April 15th. 

Click Here to view the 2023 Subscription Calendar

Click Here to learn more about our Ethical CSA Subscriptions

Click Here to tour the Piscasaw Gardens Subscription Preferences Form

Click Here to see the full break-down of the vegetable subscription

If this seems like a lot of information to remember, don't stress it! When our subscription purchase window closes, we will be sending all subscription-holders a welcome letter. This newsletter will be sent to the email address you input during the checkout process. This newsletter will feature all the gritty details needed to set you up for a successful subscription-holder experience and a summer filled with farm fresh vegetables! Please add your email address to the additional info box above the add to cart button.

 Day of the Week

Pickup Hours


First Pickup Date

Last Pickup Date


8am to 1pm Woodstock Farmers Market June 20th Sep. 26th
Wednesday 7am to 1pm Northbrook Farmers Market June 21st Sep. 27th
Wednesday 3pm to 7pm Andersonville Farmers Market June 21st Sep. 27th
Wednesday 10am to 5pm Piscasaw Gardens Farm June 21st Sep. 27th
Thursday 7am to 1pm Libertyville Farmers Market June 22nd Sep. 28th
Friday 7am to 1pm Schaumburg Farmers Market June 23rd Sep. 29th
Friday 7am to 12pm Lake Bluff Farmers Market June 23rd Sep. 29th
Saturday 8am to 1pm Woodstock Farmers Market June 24th Sep. 30th
Saturday 9am to 2pm Kenosha Farmers Market June 24th Sep. 30th
Saturday 10am to 5pm Piscasaw Gardens Farm June 24th Sep. 30th
Sunday 8am to 1pm Beverly Farmers Market July 9th Oct. 1st
Sunday 10am to 2pm Dole Mansion Farmers Market in Crystal Lake July 9th Oct. 1st